Looking to update the old mechanical relic on your wall? Not only is it an eyesore, it’s costing you money every month. Consider a new digital replacement thermostat for accurately controlling the temperature in your home.

We utilize a new digital thermostat with every new or upgraded system that we install. Whether it’s a basic non-programmable thermostat or a high-tech Nest or smartphone-controllable device, a new thermostat will improve comfort and efficiency.

Infinity_Touch_ControlInfinity Series Controls

In addition to weather and function alerts and humidity control, this thermostat is smartphone-compatible. Adjust your home temperature from the palm of your hand.

You can also upload photos to the thermostat to disguise it as a digital photo frame.

Control SYSTXCCUID01-V — Non-zoning, Top Tier comfort management features

edge_silverPerformance Series Edge Thermostats

The Edge is a simple, fully-programmable sleek thermostat with humidity control.

Relative Humidity Thermostat TP-PRH01-A — Non-zoning, second tier comfort management features.

Touch’N’Go Relative Humidity Thermostat TP-NRH01-A — Non-zoning, second tier comfort management features.



comfort_nonprogComfort Series Thermostats

The Comfort Series includes Carrier’s most cost efficient and basic thermostats.

Touch’N’Go Thermostat TC-PAC01 — Non-zoning, third tier comfort management features.

Touch’N’Go Thermostat TC-NAC01 — Non-zoning, third tier comfort management features.



nest thermostatNest Thermostat

The Nest is Gentry Service’s favorite retro-fit controlled thermostat. Many tech-lovers have grown fond of these thermostats because of their smartphone and self-learning capabilities.

TopTech 801

TopTech Thermostats

TopTech thermostats are utilized mainly as replacement thermostats by Gentry Service. Even an upgrade to one of these modest thermostats will improve efficiency and comfort in your home.

Models that Gentry Service commonly installs:

TopTech TTN801

TopTech TTS855C



fountenFounten Conrols

Gentry Service is a certified installer of Founten Energy Management Systems. Learn more about their Energy Management System.