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5 Ways to Save Big This Winter

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Automate Your Thermostat to Fit Your Schedule

Home automation is the future, and it can also save you money! Install a programmable or digital thermostat to help save you money. During heating season, you can lower you heating costs by lowering your thermostat 5-10 degrees while you are sleeping or not occupying the home. This could lead up to a 15% saving on your next bill! This can be don very easily with a programming thermostat but is not necessarily a requirement. If you have a mechanical thermostat like the one pictured above it could be misreading the temperature 5-15 degrees essentially costing you money. Regardless if you decide on a programming, or a simple digital thermostat you could start saving money today with an accurate more reliable reading of your home’s temperature. There are so many brands and different kinds of digital and programming thermostats out there feel free to give us a call we would be glad to help you save money! If you have questions about upgrading your thermostat or questions about your current thermostat, give us a call!

Bundle Up

As energy awareness grows, more Americans are choosing to turn the heater down and layer up! When at home, try setting your thermostat lower and throw on a sweater and slippers to keep warm. These clothing items are the biggest energy-savers in your house. Within the 60-70F zone, each degree you lower your thermostat setting will save you about 2% on your yearly energy bill: that’s 10% between 65 and 70F!

Cover the Cracks

Depending on how old your house is, you may have cracks that allow drafts to blow through your home. Try using weatherizing silicone caulking to seal these cracks and eliminate drafts. Time to start hunting for cracks! Here are a few places to start - The attic door, electrical outlets, chimney, window frames, any doors that lead outside.

Don’t Forget Heater Maintenance

There are a few simple things you can do on your own to keep your furnace in tip-top shape. Checking your furnace filters monthly is the easiest way to prevent clogged filters. Just replace the filters when they look dirty (Helpful Hint: You should be able to see light through the filter).

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts aren’t always bad news when it comes to replacement during a standard service. These parts can prevent long term damage to the system and potentially dangerous operation. Please keep in mind regular service is recommended and allows not only you as the operator but also the technician to keep an eye on the system and these parts that may or may not need to be replaced. However, replacing parts cannot always prolong or prevent the replacement of the entire system. When considering replacing parts and servicing a system keep in mind how old the system is and ask about possible rebates that are available. As units get older parts and vital parts of the system are suspect to break or need repaired usually during the most inconvenient times. A helpful tip for oil burning furnaces: a flame retention burner can improve efficiency 10-15%.

Remember: Establish a comfort zone, monitor your heating bills, and enjoy knowing you are saving money the easy way! Next time you suspect your heater isn’t functioning properly or hasn’t been serviced in a while feel free give us a call!


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